Well Services

Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency in the oil and gas industry, we deliver comprehensive services to optimize well operations

Our well service offerings cater to every aspect of well operations, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency. From wellheads and completions to pumping and stimulation services, slickline and electric wireline services, we provide a range of specialized solutions. Our expertise extends to well optimization, tubing conveyed perforating, mud engineering, filtration, and chemical services. Additionally, we offer equipment rentals to support your well operations. Trust us to deliver reliable and effective well service solutions that maximize your well's potential and drive success in the oil and gas industry.


Hexagon Engineering offers vital wellhead services, including routine maintenance, completions, and comprehensive valve refurbishment. Our expertise spans various wellhead systems like Cameron, Vecto Gray, FMC, and Kvaerner. We provide high-quality wellhead systems meeting API specifications, ensuring secure onshore and offshore project delivery with client satisfaction as our priority.
    • First and Second Line Maintenance (Routine & Non-Routine Maintenance)
    • Repair, Refurbishment and Installation of Wellhead Equipment & Accessories
    • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of OEM Wellhead Equipment & Accessories
    • Tool Rentals: Lubricators, X-overs, Drilling Spools/Adapter, Running & Retrieving
    • Tool for Seal assembly & Wear Bushing
    • Wellhead Completions
    • Repair, Refurbishment and Installation of Chokes & Valves (all brands)
    • Pneumatic/Hydraulic Bolting Services
    • Supply of Valves (Gate, Ball, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Plug) & Actuator

Well Completions Services

Hexagon Engineering maximizes well lifespan and minimizes costs with efficient well completion solutions. Our comprehensive product range includes Liner Hanger Systems, Packers, and Artificial Lift Systems. Seamlessly integrating with your completion process, our reliable solutions optimize reservoir recovery and provide maximum returns on field development investments.
    • Subsurface Safety Valves
    • Flow Control Equipment
    • Packers
    • Expandable Liner Hanger Systems
    • Swellable Technology
    • Sand Control Systems and Screens
    • Permanent Down-Hole Gauges
    • Gas Lift Mandrels/Valves

Pumping and Stimulation Services

Hexagon Engineering offers quality Pumping Services for offshore and onshore operations. Our well stimulation techniques enhance hydrocarbon production by removing damaging materials. We provide a diverse range of pressure pumping equipment with auxiliary support, including tanks, pumps, and chemical additives. Our Hot Oiling equipment ensures uninterrupted production by eliminating wax, paraffin, and scaling.
    • Acidizing
    • Sand Clean Out
    • Nitrogen Services
    • De-Waxing Tubing & Flowlines
    • Well Kill Operations
    • Pressure Testing Tubing/Casing
    • High Pressure Pumping
    • Hot Oil Services

Slickline Services

Hexagon Engineering offers cost-effective slickline services, maximizing production with innovative technology. We provide perforating, tubing punch, and bridge plug setting, ensuring significant cost savings for clients. With highly competent personnel and versatile slickline units, experience efficient production optimization through our comprehensive services.
    • Fishing
    • Pressure and Temperature Surveys (with DHSIT)
    • Sand Bailing
    • Safety Devices
    • Swabbing
    • Zone Change
    • Wax Cutting
    • Gas Lift Operations
    • Tubing Leak Testing
    • Setting Bridge Plugs & Packers
    • Tubing Perforation
    • Work Over/Completion Tools
    • Pulling & Setting of Subsurfaces
    • Tubing Leak Detection

Well Optimization Services

Streamlining drilling processes, we optimize well service systems at every level. Maximize production, minimize waste, and make informed decisions with our advanced tools. Benefit from services like gas lift design/optimization, BHP analysis, and safety valve repair/testing and equipment calibration.
    • Gas Lift Design/Optimization Services
    • Electronic Memory Gauge Rental
    • BHP Analysis & Interpretation
    • Down-Hole Shut-In Tool Services
    • Repair, Redressing, Testing and Calibration of SSV pilots and Down-Hole-Safety-Valves (all brands)
    • Pressure Testing and Calibration of Gas Lift Valves & Chemical Injection Valves

Electric Wireline Services

Hexagon Engineering's electric wireline services provide efficient data acquisition for production optimization. Our comprehensive offering includes cased-hole wireline units with diverse downhole equipment. With strategic technical partnerships, we offer high-quality data interpretation for effective decision-making. Streamline data acquisition and enhance production operations with our reliable electric wireline services.
    • Production Logging
    • Cement Bond Logging
    • Perforating Services
    • Pipe Recovery
    • Setting Services
    • Gamma Ray/Neutron Correlation Logging

Tubing Conveyed Perforating Services

Hexagon Engineering provides reliable, full-service Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) solutions. Our expertise covers deep-hole and high-pressure perforating, prioritizing safety and HSE compliance. With a commitment to excellence, we are your preferred choice for efficient and reliable TCP operations in challenging environments.
    • Complete line of Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) Systems Available
    • Wide Array of Coiled Tubing Gun Systems
    • Full line of associated completion hardware

Mud Engineering, Filtration & Chemicals

Hexagon Engineering specializes in comprehensive mud engineering operations, vital for efficient and safe drilling in the oil and gas industry. Our solutions encompass drilling mud, filtration, and chemicals, ensuring stability, lubrication, and prevention of rock collapse and water intrusion during drilling operations.
    • Rheology modifiers
    • Biocides
    • Emulsifiers
    • Lubricants
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • Foamers
    • Dispersants
    • Clay controlling agents
    • Bentonite modifiers
    • Other products

Equipment Rentals

Access a diverse range of reliable equipment through our flexible rental service. From tool baskets to tanks, vacuum trucks to cranes, we offer high-quality machinery and tools for your project needs. Enjoy efficient project execution and cost-effectiveness without the burden of ownership.
    • Tool basket Rentals
    • Flow back tank/ storage tanks
    • Vaccum trucks
    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Compressors
    • Cranes
    • Forklifts