About US

Hexagon Engineering is a leading engineering company dedicated to delivering Exceptional Services

We enhance plant efficiency, and maximize business opportunities through cutting-edge technological advancements. With a passion for innovation, we thrive on leveraging the latest technologies to solve complex challenges faced by our clients across diverse industries. Our expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions that address unique needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and unlocking new possibilities for our valued clients.

Hexagon Engineering Nigeria Ltd.
RC: 884572

With a decade of successful operations, our Engineering company has consistently delivered exceptional results on complex projects, including collaborations with renowned international oil and gas firms. Upholding a commitment to quality and excellence, we prioritize investing in our talented workforce and world-class innovation, positioning ourselves as a leading competitor in the industry.

Notably, our instrumental role in establishing a calibration laboratory aligns with the government's development initiatives in Nigeria, reflecting our dedication to progress. Our impeccable track record of efficiency, effectiveness, and high-quality service delivery assures you that, within your budget, we will exceed your expectations when given the opportunity to serve you.

As a Team

We include and inspire others, share and communicate openly, and celebrate success as one. The strength of our team does not only lie in our combined experience and expertise but our ability to trust each other, no matter what the circumstances. We know that our best work is not produced by individuals but by enjoying collaboration as a team and supporting each other every day. This team mentality also extends to our clients as we approach every business relationship as a partnership and work collaboratively with each other to meet our goals.


We acknowledge that energy essentially affects achievement. Hence, we continually urge staff to show the degree of enthusiasm the business requires to be successful.

Quality Service

Quality for us means maintaining rigorous standards for all works, no matter how big or small the project. We deeply care about our work, about providing excellent customer service, and we truly care about achieving results for our clients.

Core Responsibility

To be committed to customer's satisfaction, provide quality services even in the face of odds, and stay true to the company's goals and objectives.


A drive to reliably perform over expectations of customers, partners, and peers in areas including quality services, integrity, and accountability.


To be acknowledged globally as a leader in critical infrastructure growth, improving quality of life and sustaining the improvement of the economy.


Through ingenuity, our mission is to provide solutions of quality and value to our clients and partner companies. To utilize proven engineering design and project management practices along with innovative technology for each phase of project execution, for the most efficient project completion.

  • Michael Dania


  • Ini Kokoette

    HSE Coordinator

  • Daniel Odeh

    Quality Coordinator